Sacred Defenders of the Universe SDOTU

Sacred Defenders of the Universe

Living in harmony with Earth remains humanity’s greatest challenge. Before colonization, all living beings lived in balance by showing respect and honour for each other's existence through ceremony and traditions.

Today, that balance has been altered due to the internal struggle of all human beings; the conflict of humility and ego. This is known to some Indigenous communities as The Great Conflict of the Thunderbird and Horned Serpent.

Sacred Defenders of the Universe tells the story of how The Great Conflict gave birth to four superheroes, known as the Four Sacred Elements: Water (Aqueous), Fire (Embers), Earth (Terra) and Wind (Aireus). These sacred defenders rediscover their universal gifts of elemental energy which are found inside all human beings – gifts passed down through the ancient ancestral teachings.

Will humanity learn to restore balance between humility and ego before the consequences of indifference on Earth are irreversible? This story is a reminder to look deep within ourselves to rediscover our own unique gifts because there is a hero inside of us all.

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