Terra blog Sacred Defenders of the Universe

Terra: Alchemist of Sacred Geometry

Elemental: Earth

Direction: West

Colours: Green, brown, black

Symbol: Mushroom staff, medicine pouch

Strengths: Inter-connectedness with the Circle of Life, patient, compassionate. Grounded in the four ways of being: spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental.

Gifts: Communicates with earth and tree energies through spores and roots, and connects with mountain ancestors and moments of Natural Disasters like earthquakes, volcanic activity, celestial events, wild fires, and tsunamis.

Special Ability: Alchemist of Sacred Geometry.

Creation Story: Born from the nurse log which was created by fire, water, and wind elements.

Science Connection: A forest is a community, with trees and life speaking to one another to thrive and adapt. Terra is within this Circle of Life, listing to the wisdom of the trees and circle to maintain this balance.

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